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Branded Innovation: People-First Marketing

Doug Holt, the gregarious owner of Branded Innovation, came to his interview in the same way as he interacts with the majority of his employees and clients: through a video call from his home in the beautiful city of Bend, Oregon.

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What is an Income Statement?

We’re continuing our series “unpacking accounting” with this quick and easy rundown of what an Income Statement (or Profit and Loss statement) is and what it means for your business.

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Small Business Accountant

Recipes Organic Bakery is your Santa Barbara Home Away From Home

While walking through the well-kept streets of sunny downtown Santa Barbara one is sure to stumble across Recipes Bakery.  The quaint structure with bright pink shutters stands out among the swaths of white stucco buildings and wafts of inviting scents emanate out of the building, drawing people towards the bakery

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Workplace Happiness

Outsourcing Bookkeeping is Good for Self-Care! No, Really!

Self-care is quite the buzzword these days.  And, there’s a lot of positives to a focus on self-care in our society. Being able to prioritize health and well-being, whether through restorative yoga practices, journaling, or through focusing on how to generate more positive human connections, good self-care impacts longevity and

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Santa Barbara Bookkeeping

Help! How Do I Run an Out of Cycle Payroll?

Hey! You’re probably reading this article becasue you are a current Accountix client and you have some questions about running an out of cycle payroll.  If you’re someone else and you’re looking up different ways to manage your payroll feel free to pick up the phone and call us at

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Accounting Questions

What is a Balance Sheet and How do I Read It?

A balance sheet is an easy way to demonstrate the cumulative “net worth” of a business as of a certain date in time.  It details the assets, liabilities, and owner’s equity at a certain moment since the beginning of the business.  The balance sheet is just one of three important

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