We show up for our clients—thunder sticks and all—to see them through to Home Plate. When you win, we win.

We’re all about the team mentality, and we’re not just saying that. But don’t take it from us. See what our clients have to say.



Drew Cuddy, Owner
Santa Barbara, CA

You need a bookkeeper. And you need one who can harmonize all the different elements of your business. I’m glad I went for a partnership-style approach.

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Lark Ellen Farm

Kelley D’Angelo, Owner

Ojai, Santa Barbara County, CA

I can’t say enough about how much I enjoy working with Accountix. [They] have taken the time to really understand my business and the processes that are required to run my business properly.


Newhaven Builders Inc

Luke Rideout

Pasadena, Los Angeles County, CA

Van and the Accountix team took over the complicated nightmare my books once were and de-mystified them. The once tangled web of accounting I used to dread is now managed and presented to me in a simple, streamlined way. Today, I manage my business, instead of it managing me.


Caseywood Corporation

Brent Frasier, Principle and CFO

Grass Valley, Nevada County, CA

Van helped our company implement a new credit card processing platform which dramatically reduced our processing costs and improved our regulatory compliance. Van is extremely knowledgeable and very professional. I would strongly recommend him to other businesses that need assistance with credit card processing and other cost containment projects.

Micheal Pacheco
Micheal Pacheco, Managing Partner

Portland, Multnomah County, OR

There are so many small, important details involved in starting up an agency, at first it can seem overwhelming. For our bookkeeping, we turned to Accountix, and it was possibly the smartest decision we’ve made so far. Their entire team has been responsive and competent at a level that is, quite frankly, inspiring. Not only is every single accounting detail handled with precision and accuracy, but their service has also set an example for how we want our company to operate. We cannot recommend them highly enough!



Kathryn Courain, CFP®
Santa Barbara, CA
Working with Accountix has enabled our firm to focus our time and resources on what we do best – serve our clients. In turn, the team at Accountix does the same thing for us. They handle all of our day-to-day bookkeeping needs, including payroll, provide us with the necessary management reports that enable us to stay on top of our finances and they work with our CPA for tax filings. Their team is extremely competent, very responsive, and always a pleasure to work with. They also use up-to-date technology to make our life easier. I am grateful to have them on our team!
Power of Your Om

Power of Your Om

Adrienne Smith, Owner
Santa Barbara, CA
As a small business owner, I’ve learned it’s important to focus my efforts on the service that I provide my customers. For me, that is a top-notch yoga class, impeccable clarity in our communication, and care for our members. When I first opened my studio, I took everything on myself, including all the bookkeeping. As my business grew, I needed to pass off important aspects to others who I can trust. Handing over my finances has always made me nervous, especially in a small town. Outsourcing our bookkeeping to Accountix was one of my best moves as an entrepreneur because I felt like I suddenly had financial resources I could trust, a full team of people who cared about my business succeeding and I didn’t have to train them! As our business continues to shift with the financial hardships that the pandemic has thrown our way, I know that Accountix cares most importantly about my business being around for the long haul. They are always looking out for my interests and cheering me on with kind words of encouragement and informational messages that I need to be on top of as the landscape of running a business is more volatile than it’s ever been.

Branded Innovation

Doug Holt, Owner

Bend, Deschutes County, OR

I have been with Accountix for a couple of years now and I couldn’t be happier. It’s like having a trusted friend and advisor take care of your finances in a very secure way and then give you feedback.

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Jake & Jones

Jen Steinwurtzel
Santa Barbara, CA

When Accountix came in… my business, the financial part and the business part, got really solidified. And I feel like as a new business owner you really need that – you need somebody who is consistently doing your checks and balances.