COVID-19 California Sales and Use Tax Extension & Relief

California Governor Newsom has allowed for emergency tax or fee relief from the California Department of Tax and Fee Administration (CDTFA) for businesses directly affected by COVID-19. Relief may include filing and payment extensions or penalty and interest waivers for many taxes, including sales and use tax. Highlights of the

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Bookkeeping and Accounting California

How to Keep Track of Your Sales Channels in a Fractured System

A winery operation has more than the average business’ amount of sales channels. They usually have the tasting room sales, retail web sales, retail wine club sales, broker sales, distributor sales, and direct wholesale sales. They may even have classes, events, food sales, and sometimes even more! Not only is

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Manage Cash Flow

How Does Good Payroll Tracking Benefit Your Winery?

Payroll is a quintessential component of most small to large-scale businesses. But payroll is often neglected or incorrectly run which can cost the business in time, resources, money, and potentially labor fees. Payroll impacts your employees directly and helps to show them how much they are valued when it is

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Best Santa Barbara Bookkeeping

What Are the Steps to the Accounting Cycle?

Accountix works to bring accurate and reliable financial statements to all our clients so that their small business bookkeeping is not just handled, but can provide the information necessary for business growth and increased business efficiency. When working with a great bookkeeping team (like ours!) the numbers are recorded accurately

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Bookkeeping and Back Office Support

Steps to Write a Purchase Order

Businesses are in frequent practice of ordering new things for the office, buying inventory, and spending money with vendors in a whole variety of ways.   Some of our clients ask us questions about the “purchasing” process and about POs.  But, what exactly is a PO? How do you read

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Accounting for California Buisnesses

How Can Online Bill Pay Help Your Winery?

As a busy winery owner, you have a lot on your plate! Between caring for the vines to being the face of the winery in your tasting rooms you hardly have time to keep your bills in order and to know how and when to pay them on time. This

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Santa Barbara Bookkeeping Business

Tips to Handle a Busy Workday

With the constant pinging of your messaging system internally, client calls, customer emails, and the countless amounts of tasks to divide your attention every day it’s easy to look up at 5 pm on Friday afternoon and ask yourself: “Wait, what did I do this week?!” The bigger tasks, the

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