Santa Barbara Bookkeeping

How to Monitor your Cash Flow

One of the primary business metrics we make sure to measure for our clients is cash flow.  This is because cash flow can really make or break a business.   It is the difference between a business growing and a business going out of business. Some 82% of businesses that

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California Bookkeeping

Easy Steps to Staying Sales Tax Compliant

When most people go into business they are aware that they will have to pay corporate tax as well as the individual tax but are often surprised to find out they are on the hook to reliably report sales tax (and pay it!) as well. As a consumer, the sales

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Business Consulting Services

How to Take Your Business Paperless Today

As a cloud-based bookkeeping firm, we have already made the transition to (almost) 100% paperless. We do still have to wrestle with the printer/scanner every once in a while, but, by and large, Accountix avoids paper. Going paperless has streamlined processes and has reduced our environmental footprint. If you are

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Growing Business Accountant and Bookkeeper

5 Reasons Your Startup Needs a Bookkeeper

As you grow from a small idea around a kitchen table to a robust business there are thousands of elements to handle in order to ensure the business doesn’t go bust. You have to have a great idea and raise the capital, scale the business appropriately, and make good decisions

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Annual CPA Support

10 Ways the Tax Law Changes Might Impact You

Earlier this month we were excited to attend the Tax Cut & Jobs Act Tax Reform Panel: New Rules and New Opportunities. This panel of experts from various Santa Barbara businesses presented an analysis of the new tax reform laws and how they might impact you and your business (see

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Montecito Mudslide Recovery

Recovering Your Business After Local Disasters

Rebuilding and recovering from the Thomas Fire and the Montecito Mudslide can seem like an insurmountable task.  We have tried to accumulate a list of resources for businesses that are picking back up. Here are some valuable resources for those on the Central Coast: WEV’s ‘Quick Response Loans’ – If a

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Business Accounting

What’s the Hardest Part of Being a Business Owner?

Being a business owner often means doing a little bit of everything for everyone (or a LOT bit of everything for everyone!).  It is hard to balance all the different component parts of your job.  Or, as Meichelle Arntz of Recipes Organic Bakery says in our earlier interview, being a

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Best Bookkeeping Firms

Get Ahead of The Advent of AI in Bookkeeping

Automated Intelligence (AI) has been a hot-button issue for the accounting and bookkeeping industry. The rapid increase in technology has led to fears that an increase in AI machine learning will effectively eliminate bookkeeper and accountancy positions.

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