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Can a Business Thrive without a CFO?

If you are like many of our clients you started a business that you are passionate about. And, if you’re turning to us, your business probably isn’t a bookkeeping business. (We can’t all be passionate accountants, we know, we know!) Did you found a bakery to follow your passion for

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5 Problems that Arise if you Let the Bookkeeping Slip

With seemingly everything on your plate as a small business owner, it is easy to let bookkeeping slip. The causes for this vary.  For some people, the bookkeeping bores them so it gets eternally put off. Others think it is “simple” and can thus be put off until later (queue

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Credit Card Reconciliations

3 Ways to Get Your Life Back as a Business Owner

You’re a business owner.  But you’re probably also a parent, a friend, a sibling, and maybe even a dog owner.  You have interests and hobbies outside of your business.   But, these days, those relationships are getting increasingly neglected and those hobbies are a distant memory. You love your business

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How to Save Money by Streamlining Inventory Management

We work with a wide variety of small business models but, maybe because it is because of our location in California, we find that we bring in a lot of food and beverage manufacturers and inventory clients.  Different natural foods businesses, small retailers, and wineries thrive on the lush Central

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What Can CFO Services Do For You?

A Chief Financial Officer is responsible for taking the books and making informed business suggestions based on accurate forecasting and benchmark data.  They ensure that a company is staying compliant with financial laws and want to help the company stay financially strong and grow. In some companies, the position of

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How to Monitor your Cash Flow

One of the primary business metrics we make sure to measure for our clients is cash flow.  This is because cash flow can really make or break a business.   It is the difference between a business growing and a business going out of business. Some 82% of businesses that

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Easy Steps to Staying Sales Tax Compliant

When most people go into business they are aware that they will have to pay corporate tax as well as the individual tax but are often surprised to find out they are on the hook to reliably report sales tax (and pay it!) as well. As a consumer, the sales

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How to Take Your Business Paperless Today

As a cloud-based bookkeeping firm, we have already made the transition to (almost) 100% paperless. We do still have to wrestle with the printer/scanner every once in a while, but, by and large, Accountix avoids paper. Going paperless has streamlined processes and has reduced our environmental footprint. If you are

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