How Can Online Bill Pay Help Your Winery?

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As a busy winery owner, you have a lot on your plate! Between caring for the vines to being the face of the winery in your tasting rooms you hardly have time to keep your bills in order and to know how and when to pay them on time.

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This is why one of the first things that we do when we onboard a new winery bookkeeping client is to set them up with a robust and well-managed bill pay system. The ease that we are able to provide through online accounts payable management frees up valuable time for the business owner and allows them to focus more on growing their business or having a personal life!

Here are a few chief benefits of online bill pay:

Save Time

The number one asset that we can deliver a small business owner is the gift of time.

Accounting for California Buisnesses

An online bill payment system helps to streamline payments so that they can be done with the click of a button. You no longer need to walk down to your local bank branch, sit on the phone to process a transfer, or cut and mail a physical check. The system we provide can process payments electronically or mail checks from their central offices.

This means that you can either set aside some time a week to choose to pay multiple bills at once or even pay them on the fly – it’s flexible and it is up to the schedule of the business owner, meaning that they get to prioritize their lives without letting the bill pay slip.

Better Record Keeping

One of the biggest downsides of using a non-paperless system is that it can be difficult to accurately record if and when a bill was paid and to keep track of when that check was received and cashed.

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With our online bill pay, the system clearly shows when and how the bill is paid (ACH or check) and if the check has been cashed. This means that it is convenient to see all your records in one place and you can easily prove that a payment has occurred. Plus, you can always reference the actual bill right in the same place so you never wonder what that check was for.

Security and It’s Easy!

Moreover, the online payments are much more secure. Many business owners decide to cut corners on security to make paying bills easier. Maybe an additional signer is added to the account that really shouldn’t be or a stack of signed blank checks are lying around somewhere just waiting to be used incorrectly.

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If that isn’t the case, many times your bill paying is relegated to being physically at the office or someone has to come to deliver checks in batches when they are ready for signing.

These bottlenecks and security flaws can create all kinds of problems. The Accountix bill pay system allows you to pay bills on your mobile device or computer anywhere there’s wifi! You can see a picture of the actual bill and all vendor details so that you know you what you are paying and why. You can schedule the payments into the future or even ask us a question about an invoice so that we can track down an answer. Much easier than the old way!

Better for the Environment

You care about the earth! It’s where you get the amazing product that fills your bottles.

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Online bill pay both help to cut down on the cost of checks, envelopes, and stamps and dramatically reduces the amount of paper that your business is using. It is a great step in making your business a little more efficient and more environmentally conscious.

Why Use Accountix for Your Online Bill Pay?

Simply put, we make it easy and we make sure it is right.

What Accountix does that stands out is provide all of the “know how” to get it set up right the first time around. We do the heavy lifting for you and give you the training you need to ensure a smooth transition to the new system.

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We also provide a “cash position report” on a regular interval you decide on (weekly, bi-monthly, etc.). This document gives you more information about how much cash you have in the bank and what cash outflows are coming up that are not included in the online bill pay app.

This allows you to better monitor your cash flow while making informed decisions about what to pay and when.

Of course, we also make sure that each bill has an accurate accounting and categorization of the expense.

Starting Now

One of the best things that a winery business can do for their business health is to manage Accounts payable effectively. We would love to help you get started! Schedule a meeting here to start the conversation for growing your business.