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Just earlier this Summer the Accountix team moved to 233 E. Canon Perdido St. in the heart of downtown Santa Barbara, CA.  Just steps away from Handlebar Coffee and the soon to open Jake & Jones.  The team is thrilled to continue growing into our space as it continues to rapidly take on new clients and new employees.

Even with an eye on expanding, however, Accountix steadfastly holds onto ideas about the community in the office and the ways in which a vibrant work community can positively benefit the clientele we engage with on a daily, monthly, or quarterly basis.

The team, spearheaded by Founder & CEO Van Haas, looks at this recent move as the perfect time to touch base with core values and ensure the maintenance of a good balance of work, fun, and family.  Accountix has always held values beyond just providing top of the line bookkeeping services.  The team understands that the only way to provide excellent service is by maintaining a passionate group of employees.  Paramount to that goal is the maintenance of good core values. Van has long been inspired by the culture built at Netflix.
small business toolsThis similarly culture-aware company maintains a strong commitment to values such as communication, judgment, curiosity, and passion.  These, and other similar values, they believe can shape a workplace into a place of personal growth for employees that transfers directly into the quality of service.

Accountix has put these values to the test.  We love seeing our employees come in every day with a tenacious appetite to deliver service to our clients and a passion to grow and collaborate.  And these instincts are what take us beyond bookkeeping for the businesses we work with on a daily basis.

In order to keep the group happy the office is equipped with adjustable standing desks, comfort floor pads, a stocked kitchen, and the ability to bolster team morale through office-wide music. The trick is just finding the correct station to fit the wants of our diverse room!

Perhaps because of this high bar for our own employees and the expectation they can hold that hard work will lead to job opportunity growth. Accountix employees are not contented to just glance at the numbers. Your business help at Accountix strives to see the bigger picture and to be able to function as both a bookkeeper and a consultant. We love learning about people’s passions, dreams, and being just a call away to bounce ideas off of as their businesses change and grow.

This high-quality team loves the new space and can’t wait to expand, in personnel and in passion, to fill the room.  Swing by and check us out the next time you’re in the downtown area or shoot us a call!  We can’t wait to grow with you!