The Best Bookkeeping Firm in Santa Barbara

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Accountix is the premier Santa Barbara bookkeeping firm. We provide you with the highest quality bookkeeping, along with accounting guidance and financial recommendations from our team of experts.

Most bookkeeping and accounting firms provide a similar and underwhelming experience. You get assigned a single bookkeeper that charges by the hour and you have to trust they know what they are doing with little or no real transparency.

Accountix does it different.

You get a team of locally-based professionals from Santa Barbara with just the right mix of skills for your needs. We work with all sizes of businesses and industries to provide you with a suite of services that are equivalent of an outsourced accounting department found in large corporate companies.

At Accountix, we understand how important your numbers are to the success of your business, which is why choosing a skilled and trustworthy bookkeeping firm is extremely beneficial. Not only do we help you manage your books, but we provide you guidance in your financial decisions that we believe will help you grow your profits and trim your expenses. We become the bookkeeping and financial arm of your business, freeing you to focus on the work you love.

Why Choose Accountix?

Our Services

Fixed Monthly Fee

Our pricing is straightforward and transparent. We don’t charge you by the hour with unexpected additional expenses for every phone call or email. Instead, after learning about your needs we settle on a number that makes sense. Nothing hidden and no surprises.

Reports to Inform You

We meet on either a monthly or quarterly basis to review how your business is performing and to make sure that you understand the numbers. Our reports aren’t one-size-can’t-possibly-fit-all, but customized, easy to understand and reflect what’s important to you.

Available Coaching

We provide answers to your questions whenever you need it. Because we view bookkeeping differently and do more than typical bookkeepers, we’ll analyze your financials, make recommendations, help you set goals and achieve them with powerful easy-to-use tools.

Virtual and Paperless

We’re lean, mean and practice what we teach. We provide you the accounting software and tools to transition to a remote, paperless system via our bookkeeping services. Full-featured virtual accounting software protected with bank-grade security gets you organized and efficient with peace of mind.

Team Based Approach

From our headquarters in Santa Barbara, California, you can have total confidence that our professional team is ready to help. You aren’t assigned a “bookkeeper”, you are assigned a team with a lead accountant as your main point of contact. Many of our team members hold a CPA license and all are skilled in the craft. We’re paperless and virtual, but we’re always a click or phone call away with personal help if you need it.

Experience That Shows

Our team boasts years of experience in all areas of corporate finance. You can count on experienced financial pros from bookkeepers to CPAs, with corporate and entrepreneurial expertise. Put our knowledge to work for your company and take it higher, faster.

Featured Bookkeeping Services

Bank Account Reconciliations

Ensure all transactions are entered at month end.

Credit Card Reconciliations

Ensure all transactions are entered at month end.

Accounts Receivable

Track, collect, and deposit customer payments timely.

Bill Pay

Ensure all vendor and supplier invoices are paid while maximizing cash flow.

Customer Invoicing

Ensure your customers receive invoices timely.

Payroll and 1099s

Pay your employees, subcontractors, and government taxes.

Year End CPA Support

Prepare your books for your CPA to minimize additional CPA charges.


“The transition was easy and the accountix team is extremely responsive, they save me time and their expertise is invaluable. Running a business has me wearing many hats. I am wearing one less now and I like it.”
Meichelle Arntz

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“As a small business owner, switching financial services can be stressful. On one hand, you know you need better than you’re currently getting, but on the other hand, you don’t want to overexpose yourself. Switching to Accountix was one of the easiest transitions I’ve made in my business. Van Haas and his team took care of everything and even acted as the liaison with my old service providers. This allowed me to focus on what I do best, which is running the business. I also opted for Van’s analysis of my numbers, which has proven to be worth it’s weight in gold. Knowing the numbers and knowing what the numbers mean to a business can be two different things. I highly recommend Accountix!”
Doug Holt

Branded Innovation

“Accountix is extremely professional in what they do. They helped us streamline and simplify the way we do bookkeeping. This will allow us to more accurately use the numbers to strategize in our management meetings.”
Ross Stewart

Probe Information Services, Inc.