Beyond Bookkeeping: Accountix is the Asset your Business Needs

Small Business Needs

When starting up a new business the last thing you want to waste time on is the endless number crunching, receipt hoarding, and bill paying associated with daily operating activities.  Whatever your passion is, from architecture to baking, Accountix wants to take away the headaches associated with daily bookkeeping and help to transfer your valuable time as a business owner into the things you do that drives your everyday.Virtual Bookkeeper

The philosophy of Accountix is simple.  We care about businesses and we care about optimizing the time a business owner has to pursue their passion.  We understand that the numbers can be a drag but also know that without good numbers a small (or large) business cannot make good decisions.  For you to grow you have to know the numbers.  That is why this Santa Barbara bookkeeping firm keeps a close eye the cash flow of our businesses and goes beyond just number crunching to consulting and reporting back the bigger picture in the numbers.

Our timely team of qualified bookkeeping consultants gets you the necessary data without making you jump through the hoops generally associated with bookkeeping.  And, with a team coming from consulting and accounting backgrounds, we take bookkeeping from just a necessary daily activity to a resource that will help your business thrive.  There are three things we think we do that make us stand out from the competition:

  1. You Focused: Any day you walk into our downtown Santa Barbara office you’ll find our bookkeepers doing more than just crunching numbers.  We encourage our employees to genuinely engaging in the day-to-day activities of your business.  You care about your business and it shows, let us do the same thing with your numbers.  Many of our services offer a “white glove” option for the busiest of entrepreneurs.  We want to make this easy for you.
  2. Get You Growth Results: We work hard to make sure the numbers we produce allow business owners to make quality decisions based on facts/reality, not just gut instincts.  We make it easy for their year-end tax compliance with their CPA.  We allow businesses to apply for loans, report to investors, or produce quality financials to others.
  3. Individualized Services: Every business brings something else to the table and that is why we ensure that each business owner gets what they need, and only what they need to help businesses grow.  It’s easy to just offer the bare minimum services like bank and credit card reconciliations, payroll, and sales tax filings.   We offer the option to opt into help with inventory costing, cash-flow forecasting, financial projections and even cost management.  We identify your individual small business pain points together and fill those needs.  Nothing more, nothing less. We don’t bill hourly because we see that with a set monthly fee, we open the lines of communication and remove the traditional barrier to you picking up the phone and asking the questions that need answering.

Trusting someone with the numbers of your business can be hard.  Let Accountix make it easy.  We are always available for consultations and can’t wait to grow with you.