Growing your business. Together

We’re not your grandparents’ bookkeeper

We see bookkeeping differently. To us, rethinking how businesses keep their books was long overdue so we built a better bookkeeping mousetrap. Custom fixed-fee pricing that’s transparent and tailored to your needs not our convenience. For far less than the cost of in-house staff, comprehensive, efficient service options all done right and without headaches.

Financial guidance whenever you need it

Easy to understand reporting explains your numbers, identifies potential cost savings and ways to use it to create a more profitable company. If problems arise we’re here to answer questions or guide you towards a solution with tools and insight to make sound decisions. We handle the books and all the details freeing you to focus on growing sales and profits.

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It’s the end of wondering where the money is.

You won’t get a report in a vacuum, you’ll understand what your numbers are telling you. Books simplified and clarified to give you an accurate picture of how you’re doing, where the opportunities are to reduce expenses and how to increase your sales and profits.

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We’re interested in numbers. Good numbers.

As you focus on your mission, we’re crunching the numbers. Simple yet effective Accountix software provides you an easy-to-use system that allows you to understand and use those numbers as never before. Save time and money and grow a stronger, more profitable company with peace-of-mind.

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Grow your business – the books are handled.

As your in-house finance department we’ll free-up your time, keep you on track and handle all the details. From paying the bills to tracking down payments, payroll to reconciling bank statements and more, we’ll save you time, money and empower you with information.

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The Accountix Team supports Your Team.

This changes everything. Instead of settling for the status quo Accountix is a new beginning with fresh possibilities. Our bookkeeping team handles your books, our finance department supports you as bookkeepers alone can’t, and together we propel you to grow and succeed.

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