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Drew Cuddy, Owner
Santa Barbara, CA

You need a bookkeeper. And you need one who can harmonize all the different elements of your business. I’m glad I went for a partnership-style approach.

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Probe Information Services, Inc.

Ross Stewart


Van and his team at Accountix are extremely professional in what they do. They are easy to work with because they understand the importance of saving time as well as money. Accountix is helping us streamline and simplify the way we do bookkeeping and are also helping us better utilize class codes to allocate costs to individual units. This will allow us to more accurately use the numbers in our to strategize in our management meetings.

Caseywood Corporation

Brent Frasier, Principle and CFO
grass valley, CA

Van helped our company implement a new credit card processing platform which dramatically reduced our processing costs and improved our regulatory compliance. Van is extremely knowledgeable and very professional. I would strongly recommend him to other businesses that need assistance with credit card processing and other cost containment projects.

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Numbers can bring your business to life—but without the right numbers you’ve been doing business in the dark.

You’ve had reports you can’t trust. You’ve had technology you can’t figure out. You’ve had data you can’t protect. You’ve had people, but not the people you need.

But now you’ve got Accountix. You’ve got this.


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Accountix is the premier Santa Barbara bookkeeping firm. We provide you with the highest quality of bookkeeping and financial recommendations.

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